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Anti-Aging Hydrating Glow Bundle

Anti-Aging Hydrating Glow Bundle

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Show your Skin some love with gentle ingredients that are perfect for everyday use! Our Anti-aging Hydrating Glow bundle consists of our:


    Designed to tone and tan! Packed with anti-aging properties including collagen (to firm), green tea extract (to brighten) AND a hint of our Beet DHA (tanning component). These ingredients create the perfect daily BOOST of color for that healthy, sunless glow, evens out your skin tone, and brightens dull skin. Best part? Our Daily Tanning Booster is safe to use on your face, consider this your new makeup! 


    A facial treatment and gradual tan in one. Gradual Tan Drops are enriched with plant-based hyaluronic acid and our famous beet DHA for healthier, smoother and supple skin. Ideal for those wanting to add to daily or nightly skin care regimen. Take on the day with glowing, golden and super soft skin.


    This formula is great for blending sunless tanner on problematic areas to ensure an even application. Also keeping your skin moisturized will help your sunless glow last longer, hydration is key! 

    Beet the dead skin away with our BEETIT buffing sugar, packed with Vitamin C-Golden Beet Sugar, Tangerine🍊, Grapefruit and Raw Coconut🥥. Formulated with high-quality sugar to clean pores and rid the face and skin of any blemish-causing dirt or oils, exposing the newer epidermal layer. The perfect before tan prep or for those times your skin needs a fresh start.

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