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Beet the dead skin away with our BEETIT buffing sugar and follow up with our Anti-Aging Daily tanning booster and you will be GLOWING!!!! 

Beet the dead skin away with our BEETIT buffing sugar, packed with Vitamin C-Golden Beet Sugar, Tangerine🍊, Grapefruit and Raw Coconut🥥. Formulated with high-quality sugar to clean pores and rid the face and skin of any blemish-causing dirt or oils, exposing the newer epidermal layer. The perfect before tan prep or for those times your skin needs a fresh start.

After scrubbing down with BEETIT.... apply the BOOSTER and feel an instant recharge to your skin! You will be amazed by the glow your skin will have all day! Then wake up and repeat. Our daily tanning booster is safe to apply everyday! 

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